SC LAB TEST RESULTS ARE SHOWN ON EVERY BOX !! This THCA tincture works quickly to relieve pain due to inflammation. It has also been shown to have anti-spasmatic and anticonvulsant properties. THCA is a non-pshycoactive. Ingredients: THCA, Grape Spirits, Honey, Distilled Water. Target Indications: Cancer (anti-proliferative), Epilepsy, Immune system disorders, Inflammatory bowel disease, lupus/immune system disorders, movement disorders, stroke, encephalomyelitis, head injury, inflammation/pain, rheumatoid arthritris. (Appx. mg/ml __ 0 mg CBD, 10 mg/ml THCA We recommend you start with 1-2 droppers-full of liquid, increasing your dosage should the desired effect not be experienced within a half hour of consuming. CBD: 0.00 mg/ml THC: 0.90 mg/ml THCA 10.11 mg/ml